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NOTE: No workshops in 2021, due to pandemic restrictions

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This workshop, hosted by potter Dan Hill, will focus on how the movement of flame and Soda-Vapour in the atmospheric kiln can be used to enhance clay, slip and glazed surfaces and breathe life into your pots.

Workshop group size will be 8 to 12 participants. Each participant will bring 8 to 10 bisque fired pots of various sizes for the firings. The clay bodies used should be ^6 stoneware (low iron body) or porcelain. Dan uses mid-white stoneware and 6-50 porcelain from Tuckers and 910 porcelain from PSH to good effect.

The workshop will include glazing and decorating, strategic placement of your pots in the down-draft and converted electric kilns, firing and introduction of Soda into the kilns as well as discussions and demonstrations about the processes and the aesthetics involved.

Dan has converted a used 7 cu. ft. electric kiln into a propane fired updraft for use as a reduction/soda fired kiln. Participants interested in the kiln conversion process can load and fire this kiln as well. First-hand knowledge about the conversion and firing of this kiln will give the participants the knowledge needed when considering a kiln conversion project for themselves.

Cost for the two days is $200.00 plus a $25.00 materials fee. $225.00 in total.

Dans’ studio/showroom is located near the picturesque village of Wilno which is nestled in the hills of the beautiful Madawaska Valley region. The Wilno area has excellent restaurants, B&Bs, guest houses, and motels as well as two galleries. The Madawaska Valley region is known for its vibrant artistic community and many opportunities for outdoor adventures. Wilno is located near Barry’s Bay, about two hours west of Ottawa on Hwy 60, and just over two hours north of Peterborough.

For a complete workshop itinerary and other information, please contact Dan Hill.Email danhill@hillpottery.com or phone 613-756-9283 • cell: 613-717-9072

Workshop Itinerary, June 20–21, 2020


9 to 10 am » Dan will introduce the process and aesthetics of Soda glazing, followed by discussions about and ideas for glazing and decorating of your pots. Dan will give an overview of the studio slips and glazes to be used.

10 am to 12 noon » Decorate and glaze your pots.

12 noon to 1 pm » Lunch break. Please bring your lunch for Saturday. Tea, coffee, juice and water provided.

1 to 1:30 pm » A discussion about the strategic placement of certain glazes in the kilns.Talk about wadding of the pots, kiln shelf placement and stability.

1:30 to 4:30 pm » Finish glazing, wadding, prep shelves and posts. Loading of the large downdraft and conversion kilns.

4:30 to 5 pm » Close up the kilns. Lighting of the pilot burners on the downdraft kiln and discuss the safety systems for gas firing.

Saturday evening—a group dinner at one of the local restaurants will be arranged for those interested. The nearby Wilno Tavern is famous for its Polish buffet.


The downdraft kiln will be preheated overnight and Dan will turn it up starting at 6:00 a.m.

9:30 am » Arrive at Hill Pottery. The downdraft kiln will be at about ^ 08, (980 Celsius), at which time Dan will set the burners for a reduction atmosphere, and explain the reduction process. The updraft conversion kiln would be lit and safety and firing procedures will be discussed.

10 am to 12 noon » Detailed information about the kiln conversion process. Logistics and location considerations, sources and options for burners and gas hookup will be discussed. Dan will demonstrate some techniques related to the soda firing process based what the participants are interested in and as time allows.

12 noon to 1:30 pm » Lunch break. This is a good opportunity to take in the restaurants and galleries in Wilno and Barrys Bay. Good food, fine art and craft.

1:30 to 4 pm » The kilns will have reached ^5 and the soda solution can be sprayed in. The kilns will be monitored closely. After two sessions of spraying soda and ^6 is down the kilns will be turned off.

Unloading of the conversion kiln can be Monday morning. Unloading of the downdraft kiln and packing up of the pots takes place Tues. afternoon or Wed. morning. Pick-up at the studio can be later at your convenience or shipping your finished pots to you can be arranged if necessary.

For a complete workshop itinerary and other info please contact Dan Hill.Email danhill@hillpottery.com or phone 613-756-9283 • cell: 613-717-9072